Apply CTEVT Bagmati Province Vacancy for Various Posts 2080


The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), situated in Nawalpur, Saraswati toll, Hetauda, Makwanpur, Bagmati Province has invited applications for various staff posts on a contract service for Asadh 2081. Check the eligibility, how to apply, salary, and other facilities including the positions.

CTEVT Vacancy Details

Adv. No.PositionCategoryNOS
1-080/81Automobile InstructorOfficer III, Technical2
2-080/81Assistant Lecturer MathematicsOfficer III, Technical1
3-080/81Automobile InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
4-080/81Electronics InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
5-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Crop science)Officer III, Technical1
6-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)Officer III, Technical1
7-080/81Cooking and Backing TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
8-080/81Assistant Lecturer ChemistryOfficer III, Technical1
9-080/81Assistant Lecturer MathmeticsOfficer III, Technical1
10-080/81Assistant Lecturer BiologyOfficer III, Technical1
11-080/81Construction InstructorOfficer III, Technical2
12-080/81Electronics InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
13-080/81Geometrics InstructorOfficer III, Technical3
14-080/81Construction InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
15-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Crop science)Officer III, Technical1
16-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)Officer III, Technical3
17-080/81Maintenance AssistantOfficer III, Technical2
18-080/81Food and Diary TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
19-080/81Construction InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
20-080/81Assistant Lecturer (Chemistry)Officer III, Technical1
21-080/81Forestry InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
22-080/81Assistant Lecturer (Nepali)Officer III, Technical1
23-080/81IT TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
24-080/81Assistant Lecturer (Physics)Officer III, Technical1
25-080/81Midwifery Nursing TrainerOfficer III, Technical2
26-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Husbandry)Officer III, Technical2
27-080/81IT TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
28-080/81Construction InstructorOfficer III, Technical2
29-080/81Construction InstructorOfficer III, Technical1
30-080/81Mechanical TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
31-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)Officer III, Technical3
32-080/81Agricultural Crop science InstructorOfficer III, Technical2
33-080/81English Language TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
34-080/81Hotel Management TrainerOfficer III, Technical1
35-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)Officer III, Technical2
36-080/81Pharmacy TrainerOfficer III, Technical
37-080/81Automobile Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
38-080/81Automobile Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
39-080/81Geometics Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
40-080/81IT Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
41-080/81Agricultural Assistant Trainer (Animal Science)Assistant I, Technical1
42-080/81Computer Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
43-080/81Agricultural Assistant Trainer (Animal Science)Assistant I, Technical1
44-080/81Food and Diary Technology Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
45-080/81Construction Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
46-080/81IT Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
47-080/81Construction Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
48-080/81Electronics Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
49-080/81IT Assistant TrainerAssistant I, Technical1
50-080/81Mechanical Instructor AssistantAssistant II, Technical1
51-080/81Secretrial Instructor AssistantAssistant II, Technical1
52-080/81Secretrial Instructor AssistantAssistant II, Technical1
53-080/81Agricultural Instructor Assistant (Animal Husbandry)Assistant II, Technical1

Work Location

Adv. No.PositionLocation
1-080/81Automobile InstructorPanauti Polytechnic School
2-080/81Assistant Lecturer MathematicsGeometrics Assistant Trainer
3-080/81Automobile InstructorPost Bahadur Bogati Polytechnic School
4-080/81Electronics Instructor
5-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Crop science)
6-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)
7-080/81Cooking and Backing Trainer
8-080/81Assistant Lecturer Chemistry
9-080/81Assistant Lecturer Mathmetics
10-080/81Assistant Lecturer Biology
11-080/81Construction InstructorNepal Banepa Polytechnic School
12-080/81Electronics Instructor
13-080/81Geometrics Instructor
14-080/81Construction InstructorSankharapur Polytechnic School
15-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Crop science)Ramechhap Polytechnic School
16-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)
17-080/81Maintenance Assistant
18-080/81Food and Diary TrainerThaha Polytechnic School
19-080/81Construction Instructor
20-080/81Assistant Lecturer (Chemistry)
21-080/81Forestry Instructor
22-080/81Assistant Lecturer (Nepali)
23-080/81IT TrainerDinesh Ramji Smriti Polytechnic School
24-080/81Assistant Lecturer (Physics)Jiri Technical School
25-080/81Midwifery Nursing Trainer
26-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Husbandry)
27-080/81IT TrainerMahalaxmi Polytechnic School
28-080/81Construction InstructorNilkantha Polytechnic School
29-080/81Construction InstructorNarayani Polytechnic School
30-080/81Mechanical TrainerNepal Bharat Maitri Polytechnic School
31-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)Dhading Polytechnic School
32-080/81Agricultural Crop science Instructor
33-080/81English Language Trainer
34-080/81Hotel Management TrainerBharatpur Polytechnic School
35-080/81Agricultural Trainer (Animal Science)Diwakar Smriti Polytechnic School
36-080/81Pharmacy Trainer
37-080/81Automobile Assistant TrainerPanauti Polytechnic School
38-080/81Automobile Assistant TrainerBalaju School of Engineering and Technology
39-080/81Geometics Assistant TrainerSankharapur Polytechnic School
40-080/81IT Assistant TrainerAssistant Lecturer Mathematics
41-080/81Agricultural Assistant Trainer (Animal Science)Post Bahadur Bogati Polytechnic School
42-080/81Computer Assistant Trainer
43-080/81Agricultural Assistant Trainer (Animal Science)Ramechhap Polytechnic School
44-080/81Food and Diary Technology Assistant Trainer
45-080/81Construction Assistant TrainerDinesh Ramji Smriti Polytechnic School
46-080/81IT Assistant TrainerJiri Technical School
47-080/81Construction Assistant TrainerNilkantha Polytechnic School
48-080/81Electronics Assistant TrainerNarayani Polytechnic School
49-080/81IT Assistant TrainerDhading Polytechnic School
50-080/81Mechanical Instructor AssistantNepal Bharat Polytechnic School
51-080/81Secretrial Instructor AssistantDinesh Ramji Smriti Polytechnic School
52-080/81Secretrial Instructor AssistantDiwakar Ramji Smriti Polytechnic School
53-080/81Agricultural Instructor Assistant (Animal Husbandry)

Age Limit

Officer Level (III)21 to 35 years
Assistant Level18 to 35 years
Women and Disabled Candidates40 years

Application Fee:

PositionFee Statics
Officer Level (III)NRs.1000/-
Assistant Level (I)NRs.400/-
Assistant Level (II)NRs.300/-

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Key Statics

Deadline: 2080/08/15

The Application forms can be downloaded from National Commercial Bank, Hetauda, Makwanpur or by visiting the official website of CTEVT at www.ctevt

Payment Mode: You should pay the fee through ConnectIPS or at the National Commercial Bank to account number 1300100003669001. While depositing the fee applicants enter their names is mandatory.

Examination Syllabus: The syllabus is updated on the CTEVT website under the “career section”.

Application Submission Office: Bagmati Province Office Nawalpur, Saraswati toll, Hetauda, Makwanpur

Contact Details

Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) Bagmati Office

Contact No.: 057-524991, 057-22169

Hotline: 9855034991

Special Notice: Applicants facing any problem while applying or uploading documents should contact the CTEVT Bagmati State Office within office hours to resolve their problem. notice 2080

Apply CTEVT Vacancy Bagmati Province for Various Posts 2080

People Also Ask

What is the full name of CTEVT?

The full name of CTEVT is Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training.

What is the last date to apply for the CTEVT Bagmati Province Vacancy?

The application deadline for CTEVT Vacancy Bagmati Province is 2080/08/25.