Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship 2024 ($60,000 – $75,000 Annually)

Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship 2024
Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship

Applications are open to apply for the Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship 2024 for international candidates. As we know the USA is a bustling country in comparison to other countries.

The USA and Canada are highly sought after for IT, software engineering, and other digital and high-tech fields. Ohio needs software developers who can work full-time. You should have 0 to 1 year of experience with JUnit Java Spring Boot, Agile Pair programming, and Java full-stack development. You should be familiar with several areas such as Java, speed tuning, debugging, and memory profiling, as well as React and AngularJS.

Description Of Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA

Job CountryUSA
IndustryIT/ Tech
Job TypeDeveloper Job (Full-Time and On-Contract)
Experience0-1 years
Age LimitNo
Visa TypeSponsorship
Salary $60,000 – $75,000 per year 
Job Schedule8-hour shift Day shift Monday to Friday

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Requirements of Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA

  • Applicants must have a valid passport.
  • Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.
  • You should have worked as a Software, Java, UI, UX, or Ruby on Rails Developer for at least one year.
  • Must have worked as a software, Java, UI, UX, or Ruby on Rails developer for at least one year.
  • You must be able to officially work in the United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be checked out by the police.

Who can Apply for Junior Software Developer Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship?

Applicants from India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada UAE (United Arab Emirates), Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico and even from any nationalities are eligible to apply.

Job Description of a Software Developer

  • Designing and building PC and mobile apps that fit the company’s niche.
  • Creating testable code in various computer languages such as C++ or JScript.NET
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Looking for new tools.
  • Using agile development methods to build software.
  • Follow the steps in the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle).
  • Install a new version of the software.
  • Creating software that meets industry regulations.
  • Help your software workers or junior members of your team learn about embedded software networking.
  • Use free and open-source software like PostgreSQL, Corosync/Pacemaker, MongoDB, MySQL, and Apache to get things done faster and for less money.
  • With your understanding of TCP/IP networking and Libvirt/KVM, containers, and Kubernetes, you can build custom software solutions.
  • You must know how to perform all back-end development tasks, such as core application logic, databases, data and application interactions, APIs, running UI tests, and more.
  • Using API gateway interfaces such as 3Scale to unit test and integrate services.
  • Proficient in CI/CD principles and working continuously to troubleshoot and resolve issues in a distributed service ecosystem

Benefits of Junior Software Developer Jobs

  • High Demand: Software developers are in high demand due to digital transformation and increasing reliance on technology.
  • Outstanding Job Prospects: Tech companies, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and organizations actively recruit developers.
  • Competitive Compensation: Developers typically earn competitive salaries, often exceeding average income for other occupations.
  • Diverse Professional Possibilities: Software development includes roles like web development, mobile app development, data science, AI, machine learning, and game development.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Developers engage in creative problem-solving daily, designing, coding, and troubleshooting software solutions.
  • Work-from-Home Flexibility: Many positions offer remote or telecommuting options.
  • Continuous Education: Developers must stay updated on the latest programming languages, frameworks, and tools.
  • Job Protection: Software development is a secure career choice, as software plays a crucial role in modern life.
  • Global Possibilities: Developers often participate in international projects and collaborate with teams from various nations.
  • Innovation: Developers create new software solutions that can revolutionize industries and user experiences.
  • Effective Work: Developers design software that solves real-world problems, increases productivity, and positively impacts people’s lives.
  • Collaborative: Developers often collaborate with designers, product managers, and quality assurance testers.
  • Work-Life Equilibrium: Tech companies prioritize work-life balance, providing flexible hours and supportive work environments.
  • Entrepreneurial Possibilities: Developers can benefit from having software development skills.

How to Apply for Software Developer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship?


Is there a demand for junior software developers?

Starting in 2022, 15% of engineering openings were for 0-4 years, dropping to 8% due to increased demand for engineers with 6+ years of experience.

What does a junior software developer do?

Junior software developers assist in the continuous improvement of computer applications by writing basic code, maintaining applications, addressing bugs, and deploying app enhancements.