Nepal Airlines Corporation Airhostess Personality Test Schedule 2023

Nepal Bayu Sewa Nigam (Nepal Airlines Corporation) Exam Date and Schedule

Nepal Bayu Sewa Nigam (Nepal Airlines Corporation) has published a notification for the Airhostess Personality Test Schedule.

The examination will be started on 2080/08/16. Examiners must have followed the terms and conditions of the exams and COVID-19 Safety Measures Guidelines given in the PDF provided below.

Short Summary

  • Position: Airhostess
  • Advertisement No.: Contractual 01/079/80
  • Department: Aviation /Cabin Crew
  • Level: 5
  • Required No.: 30 Positions

Personality Test Schedule

DateRoll NumberTime
16th Mangsir 2080 (Sat)1001-1030From 08:00 AM
1031-106011:00 AM
1061-109001:30 PM
1091-112004:00 PM
17th Mangsir 2080 (Sun)112-115007:30 AM
1151-118004:15 PM
18th Mangsir 2080 (Mon)1181-121007:30 AM
1211-124004:15 PM
19th Mangsir 2080 (Tue)1241-127007:30 AM
1271-130004:15 PM
21st Mangsir 2080 (Thu)1301-133007:30 AM
1331-136004:15 PM
22nd Mangsir 2080 (Fri)1361-139007:30 AM
1391-142003:15 PM
1421-145005:45 PM
23rd Mangsir 2080 (Sat)1451-148008:00 AM
1481-151011:00 AM
1511-154001:30 PM
1541-157004:00 PM
24th Mangsir 2080 (Sun)1571-160007:30 AM
1601-163004:15 PM
25th Mangsir 2080 (Mon)1631-166007:30 AM
1661-169004:15 PM
26th Mangsir 2080 (Tue)1691-172007:30 AM
1721-175004:15 PM
28th Mangsir 2080 (Thu)1751-178007:30 AM
1781-181004:15 PM
29th Mangsir 2080 (Fri)1811-184007:30 AM
1841-187003:15 PM
1871-190005:45 PM
30th Mangsir 2080 (Sat)1901-193008:00 AM
1931-196011:00 AM
1961-199001:30 PM
1991-202004:00 PM
1st Poush 2080 (Sun)2021-205007:30 AM
2051-208004:15 PM

Download the Nepal Bayu Sewa Nigam Personality Test Schedule Notification

Nepal Airlines Corporation Airhostess Personality Test Schedule 2023

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{PDF} Nepal Airlines Syllabus Updated All Level Download Free