Room to Read Vacancy for Teacher Professional Development Lead (TPDL) – Director

Room to Read Vacancy

Room to Read is looking for skilled, self-motivated, result-oriented, diligent, competent Nepali citizens to join their team for the position of Teacher Professional Development Lead (TPDL) – Director.

Project Background     

The USAID-funded Early Grade Learning (EGL) project aims to enhance learning outcomes in Grades 1-3 by strengthening the capacity of governments at different levels. The TPD Lead focuses on Objective 2 (Improve local governments’ ability to provide teacher professional support, coaching, mentorship, and supervision), specifically supporting teacher Professional Development and Support (TPD/TPS) activities in Nepal while also providing support to Objective 1 (Build federal, provincial, and local levels capacity for delivering EGL services) and Objective 3 (Support local level government in improving access to and quality of education services in early grades).

Position Overview

This is a full-time position based in Kathmandu. Teacher Professional Development Lead (TPDL) will be leading the activity to improve learning outcomes in early grades (Grades 1-3).  TPDL will collaborate with government counterparts to support the development of effective systems for schoolteacher professional development and training on classroom-based assessments and use of linguistic scaffolds.

TPDL will be responsible for strategizing the process of blended, accelerated, and remedial teaching/learning process in collaboration with the Director of Programs (DOP). TPDL will work with the Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) to assess Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) and to build on KSAs to revise teacher training packages; manage programming for teacher performance and assessment processes, and accountability systems, including reviewing and revising Teacher’s Competency Framework, developing tools for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and retention of high performing teachers.

TPDL will work closely with MEL lead and Room to Read technical team to assess the school ecosystem to have teacher driven feedback to problems, causes, and possible solutions.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Leads implementation of Teachers’ Professional Support (TPS) model:

  • Supports in design, development, and implementation of TPS model for municipal, provincial, and central Government based on national and global practice.
  • Provides technical support to utilize monitoring tools and provides pedagogical support.
  • Supports targeted municipalities to prepare a systematic report on teachers’ attendance, classroom observation, and time spent in the classroom by the teachers.
  • Revises teachers’ training packages focusing on implementing accelerated learning programs which also include remedial and catch-up classes.  

Leads Teachers’ professional development (training, coaching, capacity development):

  • Provides support in design and development of training packages to implement the integrated curriculum.
  • Designs, develops, and conducts Training of Trainers (ToT) at Education Training Centre (ETC) on EGL based on IC for both L1 and L2.
  • Designs, and develops MToT package.
  • Provides MToT to pool masters trainers to implement the teachers’ training.
  • Leads the blended learning approach training design jointly with CEHRD based on the field practice.
    • Identifies the blended training support areas.
    • Gathers proven/empirical evidence(s) from the target districts and finalizes the training model.
    • Supports implementing the blended learning approach training.
    • In collaboration with ERO/CDC/CEHRD, prepares monitoring and supervision tools and templates, and guides the team for implementation.
  • Leads ETC to design, develop and implement grade 1, – 3 in-service training module (customized training design) for L2 focusing on appropriate pedagogical support/approaches like Gradual Release and Responsibility (GRR)/ Differentiated Instruction (DI)/ Universal Design for Learning (UDL).
    • Reviews grade 1-3 curriculum and prescribe learning materials.
    • Reviews, revises, and develops sample lesson plan for L2.
    • Supports design and train classroom-based assessment for L2 and vulnerable groups.
    • Leads to apply techniques of MGML for accelerated learning/remedial classes.
    • Reviews, revises, and finalizes ICT related Training Resource Materials (TRM) for Integrated Curriculum (IC) implementation.

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Provides technical support about Early Grade Learning (EGL) and Teachers’ Professional Development (TPD):

  • Provide support to Provencial Education Training Centre (PETC) to strengthen the implementation of training in person and remotely.
  • Provide support to pooled master trainers of PETC and Local Education Unit (LEU) to implement teacher training on IC.
  • Provide support to municipalities for Teachers’ Professional Support – TPS (monitoring, coaching, mentoring, support, and feedback).
  • Provide support to develop TPS mechanisms and tests the model as a pilot in collaboration with local municipalities.
  • Provide support to implement accelerated learning program as well as remedial and catch-up classes based on IC.
  • Provide support to review and revise NEGRP minimum package.
  • Provide support to orient Government Officials in delivering EGL related education services.
  • Provide support to design and develop school and student’s progress report card to make school management, teachers, parents, and community accountable for transformational learning.
  • Provide support to prepare educational action plans in case of emergency.

Support to improve access and equity for quality education in early grades:

  • Provides technical support to establish and make use of classroom library (book corner),
  • Provides technical support to design, develop, and disseminate level appropriate, inclusive, and culturally responsive learning materials,
  • Provides technical support to create classroom learning environment (print rich, classroom furniture, and classroom management),
  • Provides technical support to design, develop, prepare, and apply/use of Individualized Education Plan (IEP),
  • Provides technical support to during community engagement and use ICT during classroom instruction,
  • Provides technical support to design, develop, and implement student’s report card (digital and or hardcopy).

Provides technical support to school leadership:

  • Provides technical support to develop an evidence-based module to promote inclusive school environment.
  • Provides technical support to design and develop medium of instruction which complements the learning of multilingual children in the classroom i.e. UDL and DI.
  • Provides technical support to enhance learning outcome of marginalized students (IEP can be used).
  • Provides technical support for effective implementation of Prioritize Minimum Enabling Conditions (PMECs).
  • Provides technical support to engage family and community to enhance the learning of children who belong to marginalized community.
  • Provides technical input to increase schools’ accountability for learning outcomes.
  • Provides technical input to manage teaching and learning during disasters and emergencies.

Coordinates and collaborates with:

  • MoEST and CLAs in Kathmandu and Provincial/ Palika counterparts as necessary.
  • Chemonics and Room to Read officials.
  • Province, ETC, and Palikas. 
  • Relevant stakeholders and team members.

Documentation and Review:

  • Reviews and provides feedback on events-based/monthly/quarterly/annual reports shared by TPD Specialist(s).
  • Reviews and finalizes work plan and task completion reports and documents.
  • Works with the Director of Programs as per the need to prepare necessary reports and documents.

Qualification and Experience:


  • Master’s or higher degree in education (Nepali/English/Inclusive Education).
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience working with INGOs, government counterparts, and the educational sector in Nepalese communities.
  • Technical knowledge in improving education quality, particularly in early grades.
  • Experience in teacher training, reading skills in early grades, and inclusive pedagogy will be the added value.
  • Experience in the field of education with the knowledge and skills of Nepal Education system, UDL and DI teaching approach in diverse community settings.
  • Data analysis and synthesis, content design, development, facilitation, and assessment.
  • Should be able to provide pedagogical support, coaching and supervision based on evidence.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to manage a diverse range of professional relationships.
  • Experience developing and/or maintaining budget tracking records.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Effective communication skills in English and Nepali.
  • Strong collaboration, coordination, and negotiation skills.


  • Experience implementing USAID projects is an added advantage. 

Room to Read is an equal opportunity employer and implements the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access (DEIA) approach to the recruitment process. Thus, all qualified applicants, including minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and other diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Room to Read has zero tolerance when it comes to child abuse and exploitation and believes that all children have equal protection rights. The selected candidate will be expected to adhere to the child protection policy, code of conduct and standards.


Nepal – Main – Lalitpur

To be successful at Room to Read, you will also: 

  • Have a passion for our mission and a strong desire to impact a dynamic nonprofit organization 
  • Be a proactive and innovative thinker who achieves results and creates positive change
  • Have a very high level of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness  
  • Embrace diversity and a commitment to collaboration 
  • Thrive in a fast-paced and fun environment 

Room to Read is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer committed to identifying and developing the skills and leadership of people from diverse backgrounds. EOE/M/F/Vet/Disabled

Last date for application: January 23, 2024

To apply visit: