SEE Supplementary (Grade Increment) Exam Schedule 2079/2080

SEE Supplementary (Grade Increment) Exam Schedule 2079/2080

SEE Supplementary (Grade Increment) Exam Schedule 2079/2080: The Government of Nepal, National Examination Board, Examination Control Office, Sanothimi Bhaktapur has recently published the schedule for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Supplementary (Grade Increase) exam of the year 2079 / 2080.

SEE Supplementary Eligibility

  • Candidates who have obtained a final grade of ‘C’ or below in their preferred subjects.
  • Candidates who are absent up to two subjects of their choice during the original examination.

SEE Supplementary Time Schedule

The exam will begin from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

26th Shrawan 2080 (Friday)– Com. English (Subject Code 101)
-All the subjects in only one subject for the candidates appearing in the examination. Additionally, it includes an examination for candidates appearing in two subjects with lower code numbers.
27th Shrawan 2080 (Saturday)– A subject with a larger code number for candidates appearing for the examination in two subjects.

Subject Code

S.NSubject CodeSubject
1101Com. English
2106Comp. Nepali
3109Comp. Maths
4111Comp. Science
5123Comp. Social Studies
6133Comp. Health, Pop & Env. Edu
7134Comp. Sanskrit Language
8135Comp. Falit Jyotish
9231Opt. I Maths
10240Opt. l History
11241Opt. l Geography
12243Opt. l Economics
13247Opt. l Environment Science
14261Opt.l Justice (Nyaya)
15262Opt.l Grammer (Byakaran)
16263Opt. I Astronomy (Jyotish)
17264Opt.I Literature (Sahitya)
18265Opt.l Ved (Shukla Yajurbeda)
19266Opt.I Ethics (Nitishastra)
20267Opt.I Shukla Yajurbeda
21269Opt.l Bhot Language
22301Opt.11 Office MGMT & Account
23302Opt.lI Agriculture
24305Opt.11 Rites (Karma Kanda)
25306Opt.11 Education
26311Opt.II Ayurved
27312Opt.lI Science
28331Opt.11 Additional Maths
29334Opt.Il Computer Science
30383Opt.11 Falit Jyotish
31385Opt.11 Health & Physical Ed.
32389Opt.II Buddhist Education
33502Comp. Grammar & Translation
34506Comp. Elective English
35512Comp. Sanskrit Language & Lite
36535Comp. Rites (Karma Kanda)
37601Opt.l Nepali
38604Opt.I Urdu
39605Opt.l Tibatan
40606Opt.I Maithili
41607Opt.I Newari
42610Opt.l Opt English
43642Opt.I Civics
44645Opt.I Sociology
45646Opt.l Population Edu.
46668Opt.l Ved (Samved)
47669Opt.l Ved (Sukla Yajurved)
48700Opt.Il Home Science
49703Opt.11 Industrial Education
50720Opt.11 Food Science
51721Opt.Il Needle Work
52740Opt.Il Music
53743Opt.II Painting
54762Opt.II Journalism
55766Opt.11 Tarka Sangraha (Logic)
56767Opt.lI Justice (Nyaya)
57768Opt.II Grammar (Byakaran)
58769Opt.11 Astronomy (Jyotish)
59908Civil Engineering
60909Computer Engineering
61910Electrical Engineering
62911Animal Science
63912Plant Science
 908Civil Engineering
1CIE 201Engineering Drawing
2CIE 301Engineering Surveying
3CIE 401Building Construction
4CIE 501Water Resources Engineering
5CIE 601Highway Engineering
6CIE 701Estimating Costing and Supervision
 909Computer Engineering
1COE 201Computer Repair & Maintenance
2COE 301Computer Networks
3COE 401Database Management System
4COE 501Electronic Devices & Circuits
5COE 601Microprocessor
6COE 701Object Oriented Programme
 910Electrical Engineering
1ELE 201Engineering Drawing
2ELE 301Electrical Measurements & Instruments
3ELE 401Utilization of Electrical Energy
4ELE 501Electronic Devices & Circuits
5ELE 601Electrical Machines
6ELE 701Industrial Installation & Maintenance
 911Animal Science
1ELE 201Farm Management & Marketing
2ANS 301Aquaculture & Fisheries
3ANS 401Dairy & Dairy Products
4ANS 501Small Ruminant Production & Management
5ANS 601Animal Health
6ANS 701Veterinary Laboratory techniques
 912Plant Science
1PLS 201Farm Management & Marketing
2PLS 301Aquaculture & Fisheries
3PLS 401Vegetable & Medicinal Plant Production
4PLS 501Crop Production
5PLS 601Industrial Entomology & Mushroom
6PLS 701Floriculture & Nursery Management
1MUC 201Basic Music
2MUC 301Music of Nepal
3MUC 401Music Technology
4MUC 501Instrument Keyboard
5MUC 601Music business & program Management
6MUC 701Singing, Musical Instruments, Dance

SEE Supplementary (Grade Increment) Exam Schedule Notice

SEE Supplementary (Grade Increment) Exam Schedule 2079-2080

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