Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024 With Free Work VISA for Foreigners

Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024 With Work VISA for Foreigners
Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024

Applications are open for the Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland. Aiming to provide multiple jobs for several countries. Finland ranks highest in security, education, environment, and living standards, according to a recent OCED report.

Finland offers high-paying employment for non-Scandinavian and EU citizens, requiring a Finland work visa or permission. Over four years of stay may qualify for permanent residence.

Finland’s average annual salary is over $45,000, based on work history, abilities, and credentials. High-demand professions include engineering, construction, and healthcare.

Scope of finding employment in Finland in the next two years

Finland’s ageing population is creating a job vacuum due to retirements, prompting over 300k new hires in recent years. This suggests that job seekers should consider Finland’s job opportunities, as the country has experienced significant growth in recent years. (Ref Finland Labour Market Report)

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Have you applied it: Unskilled Jobs in Finland for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Significance of Job in Finland

Finland’s 5.5 million population is maturing, leading to numerous resignations and new positions. Over 300k new hirings were completed in the past few years, indicating the need for risk-taking when seeking new work in the country.

List of Skill Shortage jobs in Finland

A report, A Cedefop report reveals a list of surplus and shortage occupations in Finland, indicating that companies and immigration departments may hire internationally qualified staff for these shortage positions.

List of Surplus Occupations in Finland:

  • The garment industry trades workers
  • Public relation employees
  • Secretaries
  • Surveyors
  • Sales staff
  • Architects, structural engineers, and designers
  • Marketing staff

List of Skill Shortage Occupations in Finland:

  • Teaching staff and researchers
  • Counselling professionals
  • Medical staff
  • Business administration officials
  • Nurses
  • Social workers

Benefits of the Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024 With Work VISA

  • Employers prioritize candidates with in-demand skills, resulting in expedited job placement procedures.
  • Competitive salaries and benefits can attract and retain qualified individuals in skill-deficient occupations.
  • Job security can be enhanced for professionals in high-demand occupations, reducing susceptibility to economic downturns and job market fluctuations.
  • Opportunities for professional growth are present in occupations in high demand due to skill shortages.
  • Finland may adopt immigration policies that attract and retain skilled labour, including expedited visa procedures and specialized work permits.
  • Employment in skilled occupations can enhance the quality of life in Finland, with high rankings in global quality of life indices.
  • Local employers and communities often embrace professionals with expertise in skill shortages, facilitating seamless assimilation into Finnish society.
  • Skill-deficiency occupations significantly contribute to economic growth, potentially influencing the nation’s overall prosperity.
  • Networking opportunities are often available within a specialized labour force.
  • Personal fulfilment can result from working in a position where one’s skills are in high demand.

Do you need a Work VISA to start a job in Finland?

If you have citizenship from EEA, Nordic, EU, Australia, Andorra, NZ, Vatican, Japan, or the US, applying for a Finland work visa is a compelling reason to start work in Finland without a work visa requirement.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Advanced degree from a recognized institution or skills acquired through professional experience or business ventures.

Work Experience:

  • Three years of relevant work experience in the main subject area.


  • Base gross monthly pay of €3,473 (in 2023), subject to annual changes.

Language Ability:

  • Proficiency in Finnish, Swedish, or English, possibly through a language test like TOEFL or IELTS.

Different Requirements:

  • Valid travel records, evidence of financial means, and no criminal record.

How to Apply for Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024 With Work VISA

There is the following list to explore the top Job Search Websites In Finland With Visa Sponsorship.

  • Finnward: Provides job opportunities and language learning programs for immigrants.
  • Adecco: Leading recruitment firm for foreigners seeking work.
  • Opportunities in Helsinki: Offers English-speaking jobs for foreigners with English as their first language.
  • Indeed: Allows job search using specific keywords and alerts.
  • Monster: Established Finnish employment firm for career advancement opportunities.
  • Rekrytointi: Innovative recruiting agency for professional-amateur interaction and career training.
  • Tip Top Job: Offers a versatile job network accommodating diverse job demands.

FAQs on Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024

What is the top shortage of occupations in Finland?

healthcare assistants.
registered nurses.
social specialists.
general specialists.
early childhood educators.
audiologists and language teachers.
dental specialists.
home-based personal care workers.

Is it easy to get PR in Finland?

You must have lived in Finland for at least 4-7 years, not committed offences, and have a means of livelihood, such as a job.